Criteria For Success 2 – Extended Orgasm

One of the most prevalent emotions for women which may arise during G spot pleasuring is anger.

Why? Because all the anger stored in response to men’s treatment of a woman can express itself when her G spot is stimulated.

Clitoris-wikimedia-commons-1-AzvagbyDenardspan-Ownwork-Licensed-under-CC-BY-SA3-0-via-Wikimedia-Commons-AzvagYou may have heard of the concept of bodily memory: in the case of sex, perhaps every sexual experience that a woman has undergone is stored as a memory stored in her nervous system and can be accessed through the G spot. This lies just inside the vagina, on the upper wall, about an inch or so inside.

When you and your partner begin to enjoy G spot stimulation you will discover that these emotions can come out as anger, rage, sadness, tears, laughter, or joy. Unfortunately, it’s rather unpredictable which of those will emerge in response to a particular session of G spot stimulation.

Naturally enough, the more abuse a woman has experienced, the more likely she is to discharge anger or even rage after a session of G spot stimulation. But even small abuses such as unwanted sexual intercourse (yes, that is an abuse) can produce a bodily memory that is accessed through the G spot.

There are several ways to deal with this discharge of emotions: the first is to simply let it flow by as an observer.

It’s unlikely that much if any of this anger is directed at the male partner who happens to be with the woman in this particular session of intimacy.

The art of extended pleasuring and extended orgasm requires that the man should accept this emotional discharge is not directed at him. He must not take it personally, and he must allow it to pass by him, in an atmosphere of trust and respect, whatever the woman is feeling and expressing.

The second way to deal with this is to slightly shift your thinking so that your expectations of pleasuring your partner (and how you can do pleasure her) change.

The only reason why a man would feel offended, or annoyed, or rageful, or indeed anything else, in response to a woman’s discharge of bodily emotion is that he somehow expects her reaction to be different (e.g. that she should be thankful to him!).

He might, for example, expect her to be grateful for what he’s doing for her (pleasing her sexually).  That’s the wrong motive, of course.

And when you think about it, in the end this is a matter of absolute trust: if you are completely able to accept that both you and your partner have each other’s best interests at heart, and that whatever they do is not a reflection of how they feel about you but a reflection of their own internal state at the time, then you need not feel your partner’s emotional state is an assault on you.

Thirdly, it’s important to know exactly what you’re trying to do – over and above simply sharing the experience of mutual pleasure – and to communicate that intention clearly to your partner. Once again, of course, this comes down to honest and open communication.

But the reason communication is important when you’re practicing intimacy exercises with the object of achieving extended mind blowing orgasms is that you can’t do it for your partner if you don’t know what she wants.

Nor can you communicate with your partner if she doesn’t know what she wants.

Your mutual lack of clarity around intimacy will diminish the sexual pleasure, satisfaction and intimacy which should accrue as you progress towards your goals of greater pleasure.

Fourthly you may find that the great benefit of carrying out exercises designed to bring about greater intimacy and extended massive orgasm is that your state of mind changes — that you become happier, more fulfilled, both physically and emotionally, and generally radiate more positive energy.

Of course to get to this place you have to give something up: and one of the things you may have to give up is the belief that men should satisfy women sexually. Sexual gratification comes from within, even if you facilitate your partner in getting there.

The pleasure of extended mind blowing orgasm

You have a sexually turned on and gratified lover who is a pleasure to be around, you have open and honest communication in your relationship with your partner, and you have the joy of extended orgasms.

But when we analyze the process in a more subtle way, the key element of happiness in relationships is usually due to the fact that the woman is sexually content and emotionally fulfilled. In other words, that she is pleased with life. That her man knows how to please a woman, perhaps.

As a man you have probably already sensed this, even if you’ve never expressed it quite so directly.

Some authors have taken this to mean that the focus of sensuality exercises designed to increase your capacity to enjoy orgasm should be on the woman in the relationship.

And that may well be true, except that there is a problem — resentment on the part of the man because the woman is the focus of the exercises!

So it’s worth just reminding men what this process can do for them and their partner.

At its simplest level there is the enormous gratification that men feel when women have sexual pleasure, especially when that sexual pleasure is simply due to what the man has been able to do for her.

We shouldn’t underestimate how much it means to us men to bring a woman to orgasm — in some ways it’s actually even a measure of our own capacity as lovers.

Who’s In Charge Here?

And yet when you think about it, there’s nobody responsible for the female orgasm except the woman who is having it!


So it’s better to focus on the facts that you get benefits from giving her extended orgasm: you feel more passionate for one thing, more passionate about life, more passionate about sex, more passionate about women.

You’ll certainly feel more masculine and have a more strongly rooted sense of your masculinity.

As she moves more deeply into her feminine, the consequence of experiencing her female sexuality to the full, you will naturally polarize towards your masculine — you may even discover aspects of your masculinity that you didn’t know existed.

You’ll probably also experience a reduction in tension, both physical and emotional tension. You’ll almost certainly feel renewed feelings of love your partner, which can always serve you both well by allowing her to release her inner feminine (often in a very raw and lustful way — the part of her that is often called the “Goddess within”), a state of her being to which your deepest male sexuality will respond readily.

Your ability as a man to give your woman pleasure by means of an extended orgasm is probably one of the greatest keys to having a fantastic relationship where both partners are truly pleasured and fulfilled.

It’s a fundamental aspect of the male psyche that we wish to please women, and the achievement of extended orgasm is a very profound way of fulfilling this incredibly important aspect of both our natures.