How To Satisfy A Woman And Please Her With Fantastic Sex!

Secrets Of Sexual Pleasure Every Man Needs To Know

The tips and tricks on this page will show you how to achieve the highest level of sexual satisfaction, with the fulfillment which comes from really knowing how to please a woman in bed.

You see, men are often baffled by the way women respond to them in bed. That’s because women are more complicated than men when it comes to sexual arousal and also because a woman’s sexual response can be different from one day to the next.

All this means you may find it hard to pleasure a woman, or you may feel sexually inadequate, not good enough, or wish it was easier to satisfy her sexual needs.

Many men think that getting their own orgasm is more important that satisfying their woman. But this will never lead to relationship harmony, let alone great sex for either partner. 

Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction

Kissing a woman
Sexual pleasure requires skill and knowledge on the part of both the man and the woman.

When men have their orgasm first, they often lose interest in sex and aren’t in the mood for further sexual activity. In fact, as you’ll know if you’re a man, you may well want to roll onto your side of the bed and go to sleep.

So where does that leave the woman if she hasn’t had an orgasm? The answer is pretty obvious: unsatisfied and unfulfilled!

Happy couple with woman smiling at camera
Foreplay is arousing for a woman and will lead to better orgasms. 

A much more pleasing approach to lovemaking is to make sure you know how to satisfy your woman, so she can reach orgasm several times before you enjoy your own orgasm.

If you’re not sold on the idea yet, think about this: did you know you can have a more powerful and satisfying orgasm if you delay your orgasm? Yes, it’s true.

So what works for BOTH partners is for men to postpone their orgasm.

Besides, it’s a simple fact that if a man reaches orgasm and his woman doesn’t, he may feel bad, perhaps he’ll feel like a failure, or maybe he’ll think he’s let her down, or that perhaps she thinks he doesn’t know how to please a woman, and this will spoil the mood immediately.

And also, a man’s sexual excitement is closely linked to how turned on his female partner is. In fact, lovemaking is only going to be so-so for him if she isn’t aroused – and the more aroused she is, the more rewarding sex is for him.

So, for men, taking time to make sure your female partner is aroused is a great idea.

And a woman who reaches her climax with energy and complete loss of self-control – including the noise she makes – is an amazing sexual partner for any man.

Pleasuring Your Woman Is An Art, Not A Science!

Couple in bed together
A skillful man will always know how to please his partner.

Men: when you’re very turned-on by your woman’s responses, you will come much more powerfully than you would with “average” sex, so you have some pretty impressive reasons why the focus should be on her pleasure. 

But here’s the thing – it takes time to arouse most women… much longer than it does to arouse a man. Ten or twenty times longer, usually, in fact.

If you stop to think about it, you’ll have had a sex session at some time where you reached climax but you felt your partner hadn’t enjoyed it so much. She didn’t look like a woman satisfied in bed….

You certainly won’t have walked away thinking that was a great experience or that you were a sexual partner to be proud of! Indeed, such times can leave you feeling you just don’t know how to please her, and quite empty. Truth is, she probably wasn’t very aroused. Maybe you didn’t spend enough time turning her on?

By contrast, your best experience was most likely one in which she was not just slightly aroused, but massively turned-on.  So in some ways, a woman does indeed have the power to control the extent of a man’s pleasure. But always, always, he should know how he can best please her so she is fulfilled and happy – in bed and out of bed. For her, sex is an expression of love. For him, love is something he finds through sex.

A Woman Controls The Limits Of Her Man’s Pleasure

Are you shaking your head in disbelief? Can a woman really have that much power?

Reflect for a moment on those occasions when you found that your erection had disappeared,  or you couldn’t get one in the first place, or even when you were just not very turned on, or sex felt like a let-down. Then ask yourself if your partner was really interested in sex, or if perhaps she was just doing it to keep you happy.

Was it possible that she changed her mind, or lost her own excitement, and you lost your desire and maybe your erection at the same time?

If you’re not getting hard when you’re with a potential partner, it says something about the sexual dynamic between the two of you.

To be sure you can please her, you have to be turned on. Both of you. And of course, you have to know how to bring a woman to orgasm skilfully.

As you may also know from your past experience, when a woman really wants to be pleasured, and is fully into what’s happening, her increasing sexual energy can really move you both in the same direction – a positive feedback cycle that constantly increases your arousal, her arousal, her pleasure, and your pleasure. 

man sitting on side of bed looking sad
Sadly, a man who does not know how to pleasure his partner may be a big disappointment in bed – and then he may well feel bad about himself.

For example, you may have had a time when you were giving her exactly what she needed, and you felt her energy making you more excited, so much so that you thought you were going to climax without your penis being stimulated in any way at all.

If you are perfectly in tune, you can climax like this at the same time as your partner even when you are not inside her, and even if you’re not stimulating yourself.

There’s another aspect to all this, as well: when she gets what she wants in bed, you’re going to make love a lot more often.

Those snuggles, cuddles and orgasms, all of them, contribute to your satisfaction and enjoyment as well; and when you have a woman who’s satisfied, pleased to be with you, and fulfilled, you’re going to have a much higher quality of life in general, a better relationship outside the bedroom, and better sex in it. 

Satisfying Your Woman In Bed Is Essential.

If you focus only on YOUR needs, you will likely get average sex – or very little sex – and if you focus on what SHE wants, you will probably have a much better time and get greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Whose pleasure is most important?
Whose pleasure is most important?

You need to know what women want, and how these things will please them. That includes how you can meet her needs in the relationship while still looking after your own needs without sacrificing your own desires.

Bottom line: if she doesn’t get pleasured, and she isn’t satisfied in bed, it’s not great for both of you. By contrast, when she gets all that she wants and needs, it’s going to give both of you great sex!

In short, knowing how to please a woman in bed is part of a man’s role in keeping a relationship alive.

Is Pleasing Her Really So Simple?

Now of course I’d be the first to admit that there are plenty of ways of pleasuring a woman, and they don’t all depend on being a powerful, long-lasting lover who can thrust for ages in a woman’s vagina before she reaches a massive orgasm!

Indeed, it would be foolish to think this is a great plan for a man, because the proportion of women who can reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse is actually quite low.

Estimates vary, but we can safely say that no more than 15% of women reach orgasm during intercourse due to stimulation of the vagina by the man’s penis alone.

One way round this is to take the obvious step of giving your wife or girlfriend an orgasm, or rather helping her to achieve her orgasm, before intercourse begins.

From the masculine point of view this might not sound like a great idea, because a very male-centric view of sex has intercourse as the main event.

But it’s important to understand that this really is a male-centric view, and women tend have a very different view of these matters.

For a woman, sex can be a lot more about connection, intimacy, caressing, kissing, and cuddling than it is for a man. And although the act of penetration, which allows a woman to feel her man inside her, and gives him the chance to reach his orgasm during intercourse, can be a wonderful affirmation of her femininity, it may not be the be-all and end-all of sexual connection for a woman.

Indeed, few women could reasonably have an expectation that intercourse is the route to orgasm, firstly because experience will have taught them this is not how their bodies work, and secondly because they will know that very few men have the capacity to make love for long enough to bring them to orgasm.

Pleasuring a woman orally
Knowing how to pleasure a woman orally can end her dissatisfaction with short lived intercourse.

So ensuring that you know how to pleasure a woman with oral sex before you even begin to contemplate intercourse is a strategy that can please her greatly, and it also allows you to take your pleasure in due course when you and she enjoy intercourse.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the other male centric viewpoint of heterosexual sex – which is basically that intercourse ends when the man has ejaculated – applies to women, either.

For one thing, women’s arousal decreases much more slowly after orgasm than men’s.

So while you may feel that your ejaculation really is the end of sex as far as you’re concerned, it’s quite likely that even after your wife, partner or girlfriend has reached orgasm, she will be willing and ready for more sexual intimacy with you.

That could take the form of more orgasms, if she wants to be multi-orgasmic, or it could take the form of intercourse – in which case her warm, wet, swollen and aroused body will be welcoming for you and will greatly enhance your pleasure.  

All in all, this is a wonderful way of satisfying your need for sexual release and her desire to be pleasured in bed.

If you came here looking for information about how to pleasure a woman, then take it from me, this plan – which you can read more about here – how you can successfully pleasure a woman – is one of the most successful ways of ensuring that pleasure is shared, and sexual satisfaction achieved, by both you and your partner.

With best wishes, 

Rod Phillips

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