The Best Way To Satisfy A Woman

Making Time For Her Will Please Her In Every Way

You’ve got to accept that compromises have to be made in a relationship.

Let me emphasize this isn’t about giving your principles away or changing everything you do just for the benefit of your woman. Far from it. It’s about seeking a path of compromise that is acceptable to both you and her.

For example, when she seems needy, it probably means that she has a need for attention. This is when you need to know how to satisfy a woman’s emotional needs as well as her physical needs.

Maybe she’s frightened of losing you, and she sees a lack of your attention as a sign that you’re losing interest in her….. and that means you might be moving on. For a woman, this fear is roughly equal to your fear of losing your job: it can make her feel like life is over.

When you don’t make the woman you’re with your top priority, you’re saying that other things are more important than she is. And she hates that!

What solves this problem is a constant supply of reminders from you that you’re not taking her for granted, and that you do care about her. She needs to know that you’re into pleasing women – and her in particular! You see, nothing pleases a woman more than to know that you’re proud to have her as your partner in your relationship.

Nothing pleases a woman more than seeing that you make time for her on a regular, consistent basis.

Nothing raises her self-esteem more than the fact that you find all sorts of ways to connect with her.

And really, when you think about it, if you’re not prepared to spend quality time with her, why are you in a relationship with her at all? Because it’s convenient? Because you want sex? (Not that you’re probably getting much bedroom action if that’s the state of your relationship. No matter how well you can pleasure your wife in bed, if you can’t meet her emotional needs, the relationship is going nowhere.)

coupel in bed with sexy woman looking at camera
You can pleasure you wife in many ways – not all of them in bed!

Here’s an action plan: thank her every day for something she’s done for you, but do it sincerely, from your heart.

Take the time every day to spend at least a few minutes together sharing some activity, whether it’s a walk, cleaning the kitchen, cooking the dinner, or playing a game. And cuddle and hug her a lot — you never know, you might even get to like it yourself. It will certainly please your woman. This is the kind of thing which keeps a relationship going long term.

Keep The Fires Of Passion Burning

It’s true that people in a relationship often become complacent towards each other.

Women stop taking as much trouble about their appearance, and men stop acting romantically.

Neither of these things needs to happen. It’s a matter of pride and self-esteem. When you feel good about yourself, and you feel good about your relationship, then there’s a natural incentive to want to look good for your partner, and to act in the ways you know how to please each other.

All you have to do is treat her in the way you treated her when you first met her — remember how much time you spent seducing her, wooing her, charming her, and buying her flowers? Is there really any reason that you can’t do that now?

Happy couple with woman smiling at camera
Romance does not have to die out in a relationship

One of the best ways to show a woman that you love and appreciate her is to organize special dates with her. You don’t have the time? Your job’s too important? I know only too well how important a man’s job can seem to him, because I’ve been in that situation myself.

How is it, you wonder, that she doesn’t understand how utterly important it is to you as a man to keep the money coming in, how committed you are to providing for her and you in this way?

Well, the answer is simple: it’s the same for her, except her priority is keeping the relationship together — for her that’s the most important thing.

Obviously from your point of view there’s an incompatibility between working all the hours of the day and having a good relationship. You can’t do it. Surely as a man (a man with the ability to fix things!), you can find a compromise way of working fewer hours and spending more time with your partner so that you get the best of both worlds?

After a while you may find that the rewards in your relationship are so great that you don’t miss the work at all, even if you previously justified it on the grounds that you’re providing essential resources for you both.

I’m not trying to diminish the importance of work for men, because I know it’s written very deep in our genes. The problem is that if it takes over, then you lose something else that’s good for your soul – your relationship.

However women are able to compromise and maybe if you come up with a plan and discuss it with her, you’ll be able to establish some ground rules and boundaries that allow you both to get more or less what you want. Above all, don’t take her for granted, and show her respect and thoughtfulness. That’s the way to really please a woman, and of course you need to pleasure her in bed as well!