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What Does She Want In Bed?

There’s no doubt that despite the fact we’ve moved on from the sexual repression so common in previous decades, women still seem to find it difficult to tell men what they want in bed.

So taking the best of an article by Cosmopolitan,  I’ve come up with the top five sex moves that men can make to pleasure a woman in bed.

Let’s face it guys, knowing how to pleasure a woman is fundamental to your job as a man – and sure, she needs to pick up sex tips so she knows how to pleasure you as well, but that’s a completely different issue!

What we’re talking about here is what you can do to make the sex life you share with your partner in bed simply wonderful, by giving her sexual pleasure, and making her feel that she is cherished and loved above all.

Now I know sometimes sex can seem a bit tedious, and sometimes all you want to do is plunge into her and come – and that’s very satisfying for you.

But you have to understand that making love to an aroused woman is far more exciting than simply taking your own pleasure without thinking about hers. Truth is, knowing how to “get her going” in bed is going to make life better for both of you.

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Pleasing and Pleasuring

So without further ado here are the five top tips to make sex better for both of you (but mostly better for her,  in the pursuit of the woman’s pleasure!)

Number one top tip for pleasure

Pay more attention to her breasts. I expect you really like playing with them, and you probably often do this during foreplay, but how much attention do you give her boobs in the lead up to the big “O”?

I guess when you’re plunging excitedly in and out of her, and you’re feeling like you’re about to explode in pleasure, you probably aren’t thinking much about her breasts.

And that’s a shame, because they’re so, so sensitive, and playing with them in the right way at the right time can lead to a way, way better orgasm for her.

You have to understand that for most women, breasts are very important– roughly equivalent to your penis’s importance to you! 

Breast play turns a woman on
Use your skill as a lover to caress her breasts in the way that will give her pleasure!

So learning how to play with them in a way that will pleasure her is essential.

To start with, during foreplay, you can gently kiss the whole of her breasts, doing it with an intention to convey your love and sensitivity.

She’ll adore this, because she’ll be anticipating not only the sensual pleasure of your kisses, but your gradual move towards her nipples which, by the time you get there, will be exquisitely sensitive, waiting for your touch…..

…. and that touch can be delivered in different ways, but a good way is to gently lick around the nipple, in smaller and smaller circles until you finally touch her nipple with exquisite sensitivity. I’ve read that it’s actually the milk ducts behind the nipple which are the source of sensitivity, not the nipple itself, so you might find that squeezing just around and behind the nipple gives her greater pleasure – but explore this gently, ‘cos there’s no guarantee that every woman will like this.

And another wonderful technique you can use is to suck and kiss gently on one nipple while you rub a finger around the other one

And finally, most women love to have their breasts pressed with the flat of your hand as you make love to her – particularly while you’re kissing her.

Don’t forget most women like their nipples played with because there’ a direct nerve connection between her nipples and her clitoris and uterus.

Number two pleasure principle

Breast play is something that can turn her on more than anything else – but you have to time it right. Go in there too soon and she’ll be turned off rather than turned on. 

Kissing will arouse a woman
Kissing turns her on like nothing else!

Here’s a top tip: Kissing is always the first step to turning a woman on because it’s such a romantic thing for her.

For a woman, kissing symbolizes love, affection and romance – all of which are powerful turn ons for her.

So knowing how to be a great kisser is important for every man who wants to enjoy sex with his partner, and give her the greatest pleasure.

In fact, I’d say that while knowing how to be a great lover is essential to knowing how to pleasure a woman, there are certain key elements that are more important than anything else – and kissing is right at the top of this list.

If you don’t know how to kiss sensitively and delicately, and all the variations that you can bring to the party, then have a look at this video and find out now.

How to kiss

Number three tip top tip for female pleasure 

Well, the centre of her orgasm is most likely going to be her clitoris. It’s been said a thousand times, but it’s worth repeating once more just in case you missed it!

Most women do not reach orgasm through vaginal thrusting. In other words they don’t reach orgasm through intercourse.

The truth is that 90% of women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and that’s where you need to focus your attention.

Learning how to stimulate her clitoris sensitively is absolutely essential to being great lover.

Keep in mind the fact that if you want her to orgasm while you’re inside her making love, then you have to learn how to pleasure her clitoris at the same time as you make love.

Sensitivity is everything. In other words, a delicate touch is absolutely essential, because (as you probably know), the clitoris, source of a woman;s pleasure, has twice as many nerve endings as your penis – and when you consider the small size of the clitoral tip, you can see how sensitive it really is!

Once again, as with her nipples, “going in” too soon can turn her off – partly because the stimulation is just too much for her to cope with until she is properly aroused.

But when she is aroused, nothing will pleasure her more than the right kind of oral stimulation to her clitoris. 

Oral sex can pleasure a woman very successfully.
Oral sex can pleasure a woman very successfully.

And since being a great lover with your tongue is so important to her pleasure, I’ve written a guide for bringing a woman to orgasm with oral stimulation.

Number four pleasure tip for a woman

While your woman might be giving you the impression that she’s a sweet delicate thing, underneath this surface mask lies a fearsome sex goddess.

Most women have a higher sex drive than men, but they have to be aroused and feel safe to let the fiery female sex goddess in them show.

So if you can find out how to pleasure your woman’s fiery sex goddess, then you are really going to have a great time in bed yourself! Her wildness is going to take you to heights of orgasmic pleasure in bed you’ve never experienced before.

What does that mean in practice? It means being attentive to her needs in bed, and taking the time to turn her on – did you know that most women will reach orgasm easily if they have 20 to 30 minutes of foreplay?

But to make the foreplay interesting for you, it must be something you like to do, such as pleasuring her orally, or kissing romantically, or exploring the parts of her body that you’ve never explored before.

And one of those is her G spot. Forget the debate about whether the G spot exists or not or whether a woman can actually have a G spot orgasm– it’s all an irrelevant debate.

The fact is, if you know how to stimulate a certain area on the top wall of her vagina as she lies on her back (the area that we can call the G spot for convenience) then you can enhance her orgasms many times, and give her a depth of emotional experience when she comes which she won’t reach if you just stimulate her clitoris alone.

If you want to know more about how to stimulate a woman’s G spot so that she has orgasms far more powerful and enjoyable simply click here for the best guide available on how to stimulate a woman’s G spot.

It’s a loud, free, and detailed video so turn your PC speakers down or put your headset on first!

Number five pleasure tip for sexual satisfaction

 Something a lot of women like but generally don’t say is that they want their man to be assertive in bed – sometimes even aggressive (in a safe way).

Pleasuring a woman isn’t just about making her come; it’s about turning her mind on to you as the dominant male in her life.

Now I’m not saying all women can be turned on by you being an alpha male in bed, so once again you have to know exactly what you’re dealing with in your own relationship.

You can start finding out what she likes by trying gentle assertive manoeuvres like taking her wrists and holding them above her head on the mattress when you’re making love in the missionary position.

Or if she’s on top, you can take her hips in your hands and move her body in the way you want – perhaps holding her hips and pushing and pulling them back and forwards. Or you can put your arms around her and draw her body down to you to kiss her.

And one final piece of advice you can try if you’re really brave – bearing in mind there could be consequences! – is this: when you want to change sex positions do it forcefully and assertively – grab her, lift her, and put her where you want her without asking first. Apparently a lot of women find this arousing and pleasurable…..But be careful!

All in all, there are plenty of things that you can do to make yourself into a great lover who is able to give your partner them greatest pleasures ever enjoyed.

If you’re not doing them right now, you need to ask yourself why, and perhaps start changing how you behave in bed. All in the pursuit of greater pleasure, of course!

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