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How to give a woman the most satisfaction during sex!

Bear in mind that a comfortable supportive relationship is more important than sex for some women. Her desire for sex will emerge from a warm relationship with you, which is rather different to your experience, where you feel closer to a woman after you’ve had sex.

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Foreplay begins outside the bedroom!

The more you do outside the bedroom, the easier it will be to get her to orgasm in the bedroom.

Another important thing is to get away from the concept that penetrative sex is the way in which most women reach orgasm. If you believe this, stop believing it right now.

The way most women reach orgasm is through stimulation of the clitoris: and that’s all you need to know about how to please a woman! OK, I’m exaggerating, but while it’s certainly true that G spot stimulation may help a woman to achieve orgasm, and it may dramatically increase the quality, duration and depth of an orgasm, the clitoris is the key to an orgasm for the vast majority of women.

When we asked a couple of thousand women what complaints they had about sex, one of the most common ones that was that men didn’t understand the power of the clitoris. When you think about it, that is a damning indictment of our sexual ability!

The clitoris is the way women reach orgasm!

And we ignore it – the very source of female pleasure!

Really guys, if you want to know how to please a woman, then you need to know all about where to find her clitoris.

Problem solved? Well, yes, but only up to a point. You also need to be aware of the way in which she likes her clitoris to be stimulated.

So you might be wondering what to do when you’ve found her clit; simple – just do everything you can think of until you find something she likes!

Your effort in pleasing her will show itself very clearly indeed to her; she will know that you want to give her pleasurable sensations. She’ll know how dedicated you are to giving her the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment during sex.

What you need from her in return is some communication so you can slightly adjust whatever it is that you’re doing to give her even greater satisfaction and pleasure. It isn’t difficult!

As a man you get very turned on very easily by a naked woman. And fortunately that includes your partner…..

…… so long as you aren’t thinking of your partner as a sex object, as a pair of breasts and a vagina on legs.

Instead, you need to make a connection with the real woman and you need to treat her with respect.

Part of that respect involves the way you communicate with her as you make love: it might be acceptable when she’s very aroused in the heat of passion to say something like “I love fucking you” or “I’m going to fuck you hard”, but it’s probably wise to try saying something like “This feels so fantastic, I absolutely adore being inside you” first.

Don’t tell her you “get so fucking horny” when you’re with her; tell her she makes you “so excited, she is the sexiest woman you’ve ever seen”. Even if she doesn’t believe it, she’s going to enjoy hearing you say it.

I’m sure you’ll realize by now that how you treat her body is also another sign of how you respect her: in particular, how you treat her breasts. It’s no use just diving for them, giving them a perfunctory fiddle, and then moving on to more interesting places.

Pleasing a Woman Involves Giving Her Your Love

You need to treat a woman with love. Doing so will often make her natural juices flow because her main sexual organ is her mind….. (not what you thought!)

And of course bodily stimulation is important too!

Gently play with a nipple with your tongue, or a finger moistened with saliva,. As you do so watch out for her response and then adapt what you’re doing to suit. Above all, ask her what she’d like you to do — not necessarily while you’re doing it, but perhaps when you’re feeling intimate and relaxed with each other and there aren’t any other distractions around.

Another aspect of her body that you need to be aware of is the fact that the whole surface of a woman’s skin can act as an erogenous zone.

You’ve heard it said that a woman’s biggest sexual organ is her mind, and the second largest is the skin? It’s true: getting a woman into her skin, by stimulating it all over, is one of the quickest and easiest ways to turn her on to an awareness of her body and its sexuality.

When you finally get down to the clitoris, make sure that you give it the right kind of attention. Don’t pretend that you know where it is if you don’t!

 There are many things that you can do with the clitoris: just try a variety of movements and see what happens! Experiment and be bold. if she doesn’t like what you’re doing she’ll tell you quickly enough, or you can ask her to put her hand on yours and guide you in the movements that you’re making.

A great approach is to use your fingers with lubrication all over her labia and vulva area.  See how she responds to pressure on different parts of the genitals.

Some women have a particularly sensitive spot between the vaginal opening and the clitoris, just underneath the opening of the urethra.

Other women find stimulation of the first couple of inches of the vagina exquisitely delightful after they’ve reached a certain level of arousal through clitoral stimulation. It can help them to a vaginal orgasm which may even make her ejaculate. This can feel exquisitely pleasurable. Read more about the art of making a girl squirt here.

How She Can Help With Pleasuring

You can ask her to help you by exposing the head of her clitoris for you with her fingers: if she’s a sexually experienced woman, she’ll know what she likes and she’ll know how to encourage you to give it to her.

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Women like to be penetrated, just as you like to penetrate them, but only after they’ve reached a certain level of arousal. If you’re stimulating her clitoris with your lips or tongue, you can always insert one or perhaps two fingers into her vagina to add to the stimulation.

As always, check her response to see whether she likes it or not. Ask her to tell you what she wants! The fact that she has to tell you doesn’t mean it will feel any less enjoyable. It’s absolutely delightful for many women to feel you gently exploring them with your fingers.

If you watch videos of women masturbating, you’ll find that they almost always pleasure themselves with attention to both the clitoris and a finger or two inside the vagina.

If you want to conduct a scientific investigation (well, pseudoscientific anyway), this website has loads of videos that will show you exactly what women do when they pleasure themselves. Watch with interest, because you might actually learn something to your advantage.

As you may have heard the most effective way to give a woman an orgasm (bearing in mind that all women are different!) is oral pleasuring.

If nothing else, become an expert at it, relish it, and enjoy it. It’s sometimes a little bit difficult to discuss very intimate sexual matters when you’re not feeling aroused: many men and women feel a little bit of inhibition, hesitation, call it what you will, about discussing intimate sexual matters that they absolutely relish when they’re feeling more aroused.

So in that context I invite you to consider the fact that men are naturally inclined to find the scent and taste of a woman’s vagina attractive.

Even more so, we’re programmed to find the scent and taste of her love juice extremely arousing. And that means the more effort you put into oral sex, where effort means attention to her needs, the more rewarding you should find it.

There’s a natural reinforcement of your arousal from her arousal. The more aroused she gets, the more aroused you get.

The more aroused you get, the more excited she gets — that’s the way it’s meant to work.

 You might have noticed sometimes when you’re with a lover that your sexual energy diminishes unexpectedly. That’s almost certainly because she’s not feeling aroused or excited.

It’s an interesting feedback mechanism, but what it means in practice is that your level of excitement during sex is governed by how aroused she is.

In effect, she sets some kind of ceiling on the level of excitement that you can achieve. If you want her to reach a level of excitement sufficient for her to ejaculate, a video about ejaculation might be helpful.

What all this means in practice is that the more time you spend on foreplay, and the more engaged with her you are emotionally, the more likely she is to respond to your touch, and the more excited and aroused you will become.

All of that means you’ll have a better orgasm, and you probably won’t have premature ejaculation, so it’s surely worth the effort? All of these skills are a vital element in knowing how to please a woman in bed – or out of it, for that matter. 

(I think the answer to that question depends on your ability to see the early stages of sex as enjoyable, rather than a duty, or a tedious burden which you just have to get through before you can stick it in her thrust away to orgasm. But then, if you were that kind of guy, you wouldn’t be reading this website anyway, now would you?).

If you have any doubts at all about the scent or taste of your woman’s most intimate parts, take a bath together before you engage in lovemaking.

Soap her up and gently rub between her legs so that she’s clean … but of course, do it with her permission and if she doesn’t like it, ask what she’d rather do instead. Remember, taking a bath together is a great form of foreplay.