Criteria For Success 3 – Extended Orgasm

At the time of writing, a query on Google for “how to please a woman” produced 131 million results, while a query on Google for “how to pleasure a woman” produced 42 million results.

The same enquiries addressed to the satisfaction of men, in other words “how to please a man” produced 442 million results, while “how to pleasure a man” produced 56 million results. The term Dating Advice For Women is searched for 30,000 times a month in Google.

Now, whatever you think of these comparisons and statistics they do clearly demonstrate one thing: that there is a huge demand for information on giving our partners sexual pleasure.

Interestingly, there seems to be more demand for this information from women than there is from men.

This could represent men’s greater sexual self-confidence, or it could represent the fact that men are sexually lazy and less interested in satisfying their female partners than women are in satisfying their male partners.

It could also represent the very common desire amongst women to placate and please their men by anticipating their sexual needs, even at the expense of their own satisfaction.

However, there need be no shortage of sexual pleasure for either men or women, whether they are in a relationship or not.

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Sexual Pleasure


Of course, when we think of sexual pleasure we usually think of sexual intercourse: after all, most of us have become conditioned to think of intercourse as the obvious route to sexual pleasure.

And yet, for women in particular, sexual intercourse is a very unsatisfactory means of reaching orgasm. We know that a very small minority of women indeed — perhaps as few as 15% — reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

The majority of women reach orgasm most easily through oral sex or masturbation either by themselves or by their partner.

Men, on the other hand, almost always achieve orgasm through intercourse; they may even achieve orgasm through intercourse more often than they do through oral sex or masturbation by their partner.

Given these well proven facts, it’s obvious that there is a large discrepancy in the means by which men and women are likely to be most sexually pleasured and fulfilled.

An obvious question for anyone seeking greater sexual pleasure and fulfillment is whether or not men and women will experiment with new techniques to obtain sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, it seems that even in these enlightened days of wider sexual knowledge, women are all too ready to forego their own orgasmic pleasure, either by not insisting on having an orgasm before or after intercourse, or by using masturbation as a means to obtain sexual pleasure when their partner is not around.

It might be stretching the truth a little to say that women put up with intercourse because they know men like it, but somewhere behind that statement lies a grain of truth that represents the disparity between men and women when it comes to obtaining sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

Differences Between The Sexes

For most men, masturbation, oral sex, and sexual intercourse are quite adequate means of dispelling sexual tension, and so there seem to be fewer men than women who are willing to strive for the greatest sexual pleasure that they could achieve.

However, having said that, men do seem to require more novelty to keep a relationship alive. For example, they are more interested in finding the very best sexual positions than women, and trying them out to see how it feels.

Why should this be? When we all know how powerful and rewarding an orgasm can be, why would men not pursue the maximum amount of pleasure that we can possibly achieve with our own bodies?

The fact that you’re reading this page demonstrates that you’re one of the few people who wish to seek the maximum amount of sexual pleasure that you can possibly obtain from your own body.

If you research information on how to get the greatest possible sexual pleasure from the best sex positions, you will find very quickly a theme that comes up again and again:

Extended, mind blowing orgasms.

The aim of all sexual techniques designed to “please a man in bed” or “pleasure a woman during sex” – or however you put it –  is the same: to extend the length of an orgasm and deepen and magnify its power, so that the ecstasy which we experience in the normal course of sex for perhaps a few seconds now lasts for minutes, tens of minutes, or perhaps even hours.

Here, where you can learn more abut this, some of the ideas will be new to you, and some will not. Whatever you read here, we hope you will find it fascinating, profitable, and enjoyable, but none of this advice about obtaining massive mind blowing orgasms – and of course, massive, mind blowing pleasure – need interfere with anything that you’re already doing sexually!

You might find that you want to make some changes to ho you enjoy sex as you read through the website: perhaps you’ll change the order in which you enjoy sex — for example, a lot of men really enjoy intercourse much more after their female partner has had an orgasm, so this is one obvious change that you might like to consider as you move through our information. There may be many others!

Part One – The Basics Of Extended, Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Extended orgasms

You block out the least 99% of the sensory input available to you? It sounds amazing, but as human beings we live in a confusing and hectic world: we have no choice but to block out much of the sensory input we receive.

 If we were consciously aware of every sound, sight, taste, smell, and feeling available to us we would be overwhelmed and literally unable to function.

Most of our sensory inputs are filtered out long before they reach the conscious mind; by definition we’re not aware of the sensory input that is filtered by our brains. And while that’s a great thing for our survival, it does have its downsides.

For example, filtering sensory input becomes so second nature to the human being that much of this sensuous and sensory input associated with sensual experiences such as sex is lost to us as well.

Most obviously, you have very little awareness of your body for most of the time: it’s only those things that are out of the ordinary, such as the sudden itch, or an unpleasant smell, that penetrate your consciousness. And yet the paradox here is that to have the greatest sexual experiences, you need to be fully aware of your body.

Being fully aware of your body is an interesting and very different experience to the one that you carry around with you in everyday life.

The heightened sensitivity of your partner’s touch can magnify the sensations contributing to your sexual arousal a hundred fold; most people whose sensory input has been awakened express astonishment at how the simple act of getting back in touch with their bodies has increased their capacity to enjoy sexual pleasure in general and orgasm in particular.

It’s not hard to understand why this happens: orgasmic pleasure begins in the body.

While you might have always believed that sexual arousal is the product of your mind, the reality is rather different — both sexual arousal and your progress towards orgasm depend on you being physically aroused, that is to say, being aroused in your body.

While it’s true that sexual arousal appears to start in the mind with perhaps fantasy or a sudden lustful thought, causing a spontaneous erection in men, or lubrication in women, that kind of arousal will not take you towards orgasm on its own.

Your body has to be aroused as well before you can move towards orgasm. The clearest example of this is men who have a condition known as delayed ejaculation, in which they cannot reach orgasm and ejaculate, no matter how long they thrust in their partner’s vagina.

Anybody looking at that situation would think these men were incredibly aroused, with their rock hard erections that last hours, yet these men cannot ejaculate because they are not sufficiently sexually aroused to reach the point of orgasmic release.

So here you have the first step on the path towards giving your partner the ultimate in sexual pleasure: a program of touching their body in the right way that increases their arousal far beyond the level that it usually reaches — and keeps it there! In this way orgasms can be extended, for both men and women, into minutes or even hours.

The sexual energy flow involved in the state of extended orgasm is so powerful that it flows through the whole body: people report a sensation of whole-body orgasm that feels like a team glowing wave of electricity passing delightfully and sensuously through their entire body.

And men and women can be brought into the final massive orgasmic peak — which remain includes extended orgasm and ejaculation — at any stage of this process.

Expanded orgasm and expanded pleasure

In some ways, though, we’re jumping ahead too quickly by talking about the orgasmic experience itself. There are some prerequisites that are necessary for every man and woman to be able to achieve this state of ecstasy.

And very high on this list is self-acceptance: that is to say, self-acceptance of one’s current sexual performance, of the progress – either rapid or slow – that one makes as one moves towards mind-blowing, extended orgasm.

Equally important is having a trusting, open relationship with your partner, a relationship in which communication is clear and direct. For men in particular it can be a problem to move into this new way of providing pleasure for their partners.

Almost all men are delighted to take a woman to orgasm, but sometimes they may not see the value of an extended orgasm.

Here, perhaps their female partners can help them — women are sometimes much more adventurous in the pursuit of sexual pleasure such as female ejaculationthan men are!

If you’re having doubts about working towards extended orgasm then perhaps all you need to do is to take the program one step at a time: see what each step of the program does for you and if you like the results move onwards; if you don’t like the results, then try something different.

Above all, avoid this becoming another performance test, for an absolute certainty is that if you come to view the achievement of extended orgasm as a measure of your sexual success, you will introduce into your sexual games a number of emotional states which are practically guaranteed to inhibit your success: tension, performance anxiety, and potentially conflict with your partner.